What Makes Us Different?

It’s easy to think that all pest control companies are the same, but that’s simply not true. There are many different products and methods in the pest management industry, and it’s important that customers be aware of the differences. Otherwise, they risk paying hundreds of dollars in future home damage, health problems, and infestation relapses.

When it comes to the expert service of Cole Termite & Pest Control, four main features set us apart from the competition:

  1. We are certified in the use of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System.
  2. We employ one of only two Associate Certified Entomologists in the Kansas City area.
  3. We offer a special Worry-Free Guaranteed Pest Control maintenance program.
  4. We have been given the Stan Cramer Seal of Excellence.

1. Why is the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System important?

When it comes to termites, total colony elimination has become the measure of success. Sentricon’s unique product is the only system that offers both colony elimination and environmental protection. Also the only termite product ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, Sentricon’s comprehensive system avoids the use of common harmful chemicals, and instead, employs alternative baiting methods that have been researched and proven through studies at more than 30 universities and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

In order to become authorized Sentricon operators, pest control technicians must go through extensive training. Currently, there are less than 10 pest control companies in the Kansas City area that are certified to use Sentricon. At Cole Termite & Pest Control, all of our technicians are authorized to use Sentricon and can offer the product to our customers.

To learn more about Sentricon’s unique product, visit www.sentricon.com or call us today!

2. What is an entomologist?

Entomology is the study of insects, which makes an entomologist someone who has spent time learning the science and biology of pests that threaten your property. Not all pest control technicians are entomologists. In fact, there less than 10 certified entomologists in the Kansas City area. Cole Termite & Pest Control co-owner Travis Cole is one of only two in this group to be named an Associate Certified Entomologists (ACEs).

According to the Entomological Society of America, ACEs are industry professionals who have passed at least one rigorous examination to test their knowledge of pest control. They also must adhere to a specific code of ethical behavior and annually provide a copy of a current pesticide applicator’s license.

For more information, visit the Entomological Society of America’s certification website:

3. Can I really be “Worry-Free” when it comes to pests?

Yes! Part of Cole Termite & Pest Control’s service menu includes our special Worry-Free Guaranteed Pest Control treatment. With this service, we automatically inspect and treat seasonal pests 6 times a year to prevent them from entering your home. If they do enter, so do we…for no additional cost. By having regular inspections, we can prevent an infestation and there is minimal to no scheduling required!

4. Who is Stan Cramer, and what makes his approval significant?

For 35 years, Stan Cramer served in various news and management positions at KCTV, the Kansas City CBS affiliate. For most of his career, Cramer made it his personal mission to help consumers both avoid scams and recover millions of dollars if they had been cheated by area businesses. Cramer earned a reputation as a leading authority in business integrity by producing and airing investigative news reports, special projects and interviews.

During his time with KCTV, Cramer’s nightly reports received national attention, and he was recognized multiple times for his service to the community. After retiring from the news industry, Cramer formed the company Trust Stan, LLC, in order to continue helping consumers. Through his organization, Cramer investigates local companies and recognizes a select few with his “Seal of Excellence” if they meet the required standards for outstanding customer service.

In 2012, Cole Termite & Pest Control was proud to be awarded the Stan Cramer Seal of Excellence for the fifth year in a row and is currently the only termite and pest control company to be part of Cramer’s trusted roster. For more information, visit www.stancramer.com.

When it comes to choosing a pest management company to treat your property, don’t make the mistake of believing that we’re all the same. Instead, entrust your home or business to those who take pride in their service by offering excellence and expertise.

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