Throughout history, insects have bothered humans . Some bugs are even dangerous to humans and other animals. This is part two of a series of the top ten deadliest insects. Here is No. 5 through No. 1:

5. Fire Ants – These ants get their name because they have a venomous bite that has the sensation of a burning fire. They typically only feed on vegetation and small insects. However, bothering a swarm can mean trouble for humans. Believe it or not but 150 people per day die from fire ants. On top of that, they do millions of dollars of crop damage each year.

4. TseTse Fly – These flies typically feed on the blood of vertebrates. They spread the Chagas disease (Trypanosomiasis) which is deadly to humans if not treated quickly. TseTse flies kill up to 250-300 thousand people per year in Africa alone.

3. Bees – Many people have an allergic reaction to bees which can prove to be deadly. The Africanized HoneyBee is the most deadly bee and they will attack humans even if not provoked. Nicknamed the killer bee, African HoneyBees can kill thousands of people each year. Normal honeybees don’t attack humans that often and when they do, they die when they use their stinger.

2. Fleas – Fleas aren’t just an insect that bug your dogs… They actually are responsible for the spread of the Bubonic Plague. After hosting on a rat, they are able to move on and host on other vertebrates, such as humans, spreading the plague.

1. Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes are some of the most bothersome insects in the world. Hosting on mammals and their blood, they are able to carry blood borne diseases to other mammals. While they cannot transmit AIDS from one mammal to the next, they can transmit malaria. Malaria can kill more people in a single year than all the other deaths caused by insects.

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