Winter time means that mice and other rodents will be looking for shelter to avoid the cold weather. Unfortunately, that means bad news for homeowners because they are incredibly difficult to manage and they can be highly destructive if they are not handled promptly and properly.

Rodents are instinctively evasive which means you may never see the rodent itself but you most likely will see its destruction. Rodents can be dangerous because they can carry a wide number of diseases and they can also carry various parasites into the home such as fleas, lice and ticks
It is imperative to take action immediately if you notice you may be infested by rats or mice. One or two rodents can quickly turn to dozens if the situation is not handled quickly and properly. When they multiply rapidly, it will further enhance the problem and the damage can be catastrophic to your home.

Some common areas to look for rodent include your attic, garage, basement and your kitchen.

Rodents pose a problem as they can and will burrow into walls and insulation and getting into electrical wires, which could cause fires.


Here are some common ways to control a mice infestation problem yourself:

Storage and sanitation – Clean areas where you consistently eat food. Store your food in plastic containers or other difficult to penetrate storage containers.

Trapping – Start trapping early from when you first spot a rodent. If the population gets too big, you will need a professional.

Pesticide – When a mice population gets too large, rodenticides will help you control it quickly and without much effort. However, we recommend you contact a professional if you plan on using rodenticide.


At Cole Termite & Pest Control, we inspect your property, locate the source of the problem and safely administer the products needed to eliminate the entire rodent population. By hiring us to handle the rodents plaguing your home or business, you are guaranteed the thorough treatment you need for the healthy environment you deserve.

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