Rodent Control

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Rodents are one of the biggest fear-inducing pests you can find in your home. There are many ways you can perform rodent control but by far the most popular option is with do it yourself rat traps. The problem is rats and mice will multiply in rapid numbers. Just because you have used traps to perform mice control for one pest doesn’t mean there aren’t multiple critters in the walls of your home.

So what is the best way to get rid of mice and rats in your home? The first thing you need to do is call a professional rat exterminator service. When you catch wind of a mice infestation, you have to act quickly to protect your home from damage and your family’s health. A professional mouse exterminator service understands how to get rid of mice in your house so another mouse infestation does not happen.

Signs You Need Rodent Removal and Mice Extermination

When you have mouse problems, there are many signs that rats and mice leave behind that clue you into a bigger rodent infestation.

Rats and mice will leave behind droppings around food sources, so check under your kitchen sink and behind your refrigerator for droppings. Mice in the house will leave behind droppings that are about a ¼ of an inch long and pointed. Rats in the house will have larger droppings, about ¾ of an inch long. They will also be randomly placed and not in clusters because they produce droppings more frequently than mice.

Look for holes in plastic, cardboard, and wood items. Rats and mice can gnaw through these materials to get to food.

Check your walls, piping, and any other holes for oily smudge marks. The coats of mice and rats are dirty and leave behind an oily substance. Also check your basement and attic for mice and rat nests. Their nests will be made of soft, shredded material like insulation, paper, and cardboard.

If you hear scraping, gnawing, or squealing sounds in your walls, ceilings, or attic, this is a sign of mice problems. Occasionally you will see mice running through kitchens, basements, or attics as well. More likely, you will spot mice and rats running along fences and between covered areas in your backyard.

At Cole Pest Control, our rodent and mouse control education and experience allow us to practice the most effective way to get rid of rats. We understand that a rodent problem is serious because rats and mice are evasive and carry diseases and other pests into your home. Cole Pest Control offers the best rodent control services. Upon arriving, we perform a property inspection to find the source of the rodent problem and use safe chemicals to eliminate mice. Call us today to speak with a rodent control expert.