Other Insect Control

Other Insect Control Services in Kansas City

Name the pest control you need, and Cole Pest Control can take care of your pest problem! Our pest solutions include state of the art equipment, safe for pets and humans pest control spray, and experience understanding how pests think and behave to help ensure pest elimination. Some of the insect control specialties Cole Pest Control can perform include bed bugs, spiders, and flies.

Bed Bug Treatment

A bed bug infestation occurs in mattresses, seams, sheets, comforter, bed frames, and baseboards but the bed bugs themselves are nearly impossible to see. Getting rid of bed bugs is important, something you will realize once you are bitten and experience the small itchy wells produced!

Professional bed bug extermination is the best way to get rid of bed bugs. Expert treatment for bed bugs will allow for complete bed bug removal. Natural bed bug removal and store-bought bed bugs spray will not eliminate the problem. Once you get a bed bug infestation, do it yourself solutions will only spread the bed bugs to other areas of your home to cause an even bigger problem. Cole Pest Control provides comprehensive bed bug pest control using chemical and non-chemical treatments for complete bed bugs removal. For the bed bug extermination cost, contact Cole Pest Control today for a free estimate.

Fly Extermination

Flies are one of the most irritating pests to live with and can carry pathogens and diseases. While house flies only live for about two weeks, they breed very quickly and cause a full-on fly infestation in your home. Wondering how to get rid of house flies? If you have been dealing with an infestation that is only getting worse, you need to call Cole Pest Control. We provide fly removal and fly control services to remove the pests from your home for good.

Cole Pest Control can also provide a pest inspection service and household pest control for:

  • Bee Removal
  • Flea Extermination
  • Fruit Fly Removal
  • Flying Insects
  • Mosquito Extermination
  • Silver Bugs and Silverfish Pest Control
  • Wasp Removal
  • Any Bug Removal!

Ready to eliminate your pest problem or perform pest prevention so your home or business is not the next scene of a pest infestation? Contact Cole Pest Control today for a free estimate for any of our bug removal services. Our integrated pest management can take care of all your pest problems!