The odorous house ant (a.k.a. Tapinoma sessile) and they sometimes will be called the stink ant. This ant is more of a pest than a real threat, they get there name from the strong coconut or blue cheese smell they release when they are threatened or crushed. If you don’t want to contact a pest control professional like Cole Termite & Pest Control, there are ways for you to control the stinky little ants yourself.


How to identify odorous house ants.

They are dark brown or black with a single node and are about the same size from 1/16 to 1/8 inch long and there distinctive characteristic is the smell they emit when crushed or threatened.

What they eat.

They love honeydew which is a sugary liquid secreted by small insects called aphids and any food especially sugary foods left out by humans; this is why you will find them in your pantries and on your kitchen counters. They are also known to eat dead insects.

Nesting or infestations

If you find odorous house ants outside you will find them in shallow nests in soil under stones, debris or wood and if you find them in your home they are inside in search of food and will be found near sources of moisture and warmth.  They are easily controlled with baiting but if you find winged swarmers inside your house this could be a sign of infestation and you should contact a company like Cole Termite & Pest Control for an evaluation.

How to control odorous house ants.

If you notice an ant problem it is not difficult to handle if you act as soon as you see them.  You can get them under control in a few days but the longer you wait the bigger the colony can become. Your first line of managing to rid your home of these annoying smelly ants is by first eliminating any standing water in your home and seal any holes and cracks from the outside. If you find yourself with these stinky ants in your home using liquid ant baits is your best defense.  There are many available to the homeowner but choose baits designated for your type of ant and place them where you see any ant activity.   This may require several weeks of baiting which will include replacing used bait.  Most importantly remove any food and water sources for them.

If you find yourself still having trouble with odorous house ants, I would recommend you contact a pest control professional like Cole Termite & Pest Control.  Their expertise, skill, and education in finding a solution and locating the colony will give you peace of mind and resolve your infestation as quickly as possible.