When it comes to investing in pest control for your home, one of the major concerns most people have is whether or not it’s safe for your family and pets. Quality and commitment to your family’s safety varies from company to company, but it’s United States law that all pesticides sold in this country are proven not to pose unreasonable risks to human health or the environment.

The EPA Process

Similar to the drug approval process for the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviews studies on pesticides to ensure they are safe for your family and the environment — especially infants and children, whose growing bodies are more susceptible to their effects. Once they have determined a pesticide is safe, they will license or register it for use in strict accordance with label directions.

Older Pesticides Could Prove Problematic

Here’s where it pays to make sure your pest control company uses the latest, greatest and safest pesticides on the market. The EPA is consistently reviewing and re-registering older pesticides and taking action to reduce risks where necessary to make sure they meet the higher safety standards set in 2007. But if your pest control company is using an older pesticide that hasn’t been reviewed and reapproved by the FDA, how do you know you’re truly safe?

Get the Safest Pest Control from Cole Pest Control

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