Lees Summit Pest control – Have you noticed holes in your clothes where there shouldn’t be. We know all too well the fashion world does put holes in clothing for the sake of fashion but if you didn’t buy your clothes this way, it’s time to investigate for pesky insects that love to eat your clothing and textiles. Generally no one notices them until it’s too late. You might have clothes moths or carpet beetles visiting your closet and home. And it’s not the adult moths or beetles you have to worry about it’s their babies. It’s usually the larvae that are eating through your belongings, they need to grow and they find their nutrients in your clothes and carpets.


No one notices or intentionally brings these little guys home. Usually the eggs and larvae of both the beetles and moths can be brought in your home on items containing wool or other animal fibers or items from furniture stores. In addition, adult moths and beetles can mate leaving the eggs in your clothing or upholstery. There are precautions to preventing infestations by clothes moths and carpet beetles and that is to practice and maintain good housekeeping. It is recommended to vacuum carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture regularly. This will remove the eggs and larvae. Clothing should be washed and stored clean as the larvae love soiled items. If you’re storing clothes for extended period of time, store them in an airtight container with moth repellent. Remember these are all precautions to prevent damage to your items but if you find you are having problems or have questions don’t hesitate to contact us at Cole Pest Control for advice.

If you find that you do have an infestation of clothes moths or carpet beetles you can do things on your own at first to try and remedy the problem before calling a professional. First remove all items from the infested area and vacuum and wash all infested surfaces and launder all clothing or textiles. If you purchased an insecticide read the directions carefully and apply as directed being careful to protect yourself. If a commercial grade moth repellent is used they are toxic and can be absorbed into the body so precautions should be made to avoid inhaling the vapors. Moth repellents include a Para dichlorobenzene (PDB) and naphthalene crystal (moth balls) that some individuals are sensitive to and should be avoided, that is when a professional should be called in.

More than likely you will be able to handle or treat your clothes moth or carpet beetle problem on your own but if you find yourself in an infestation and you have exhausted all your resources; Cole Pest Control can come out and give you an evaluation of your home and situation.